Privacy Policy

Preserving your privacy is very important to E-PAYOUTS.COM When using our system, your information will be protected as described unless otherwise specified.

When you sign up for our service, you, the CLIENT, will provide us personal information, including but not limited to, your name, address, email address, user name and password that you will use, among other information.

The personal information you provide us, won ́t be used nor shared with third parties to identify you as a specific person.

The CLIENT grants authorization to E-PAYOUTS.COM to include the information you provide us in E-PAYOUTS.COM data base. We use the information to communicate with you, so as to notify you when there are new campaigns, when we launch special offers within our system and to inform you anything related to our services, you can always ask to stop receiving information.

The information provided by the CLIENT won ́t be revealed to third parties unless otherwise ordered by court order or any other legal authority.

If E-PAYOUTS.COM believes that the CLIENT is suspicious of any illegal activity or if receives complaints by third parties (including mobile phone operators and/or payment service providers) about suspicious of illegal activities in or during the use of the service, the information provided would be revealed without any complaints from the CLIENT side.

If you want to update your personal information or deactivate your account, you are able to do it by yourself in MY ACCOUNT section.