Anti Spam Policy

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use SPAM as a promotional tool,in any manner and through any means.
  2. Our CLIENTS are not allowed to send the end user any kind of communication through any means, either physical or digital, as long as they cannot prove that the user has solicited it or has given permission previously for such communication.
  3. The CLIENT must consider that, including the following but not limited to:
    1. By definition, SPAM is any kind of unwanted communication sent without recipient permission by email, news groups, IRC messages, Instant message systems and/or text messages (SMS) and any other communication or promotion that is understood as such by common internet standards.
    2. Foranemailaddressormobilephonenumbertoenteralist,therecipientmust have chosen for it. The CLIENT must communicate to E-PAYOUTS.COM, if required, the original IP, name and any other details of the recipients, if possible, the physical address and the origin from which the email address or mobile phone was extracted from.
      In all cases, the recipient must have given express consent on the reception of the email or text message, whether in response to a clear and evident request of the before mentioned consent, or through the initiative of the recipient himself (active or ex-clients).
    3. The text messages must contain clear and correct information and must not be deceitful. The short number or mobile phone number that started the message must be clearly identifiable and real, not being able to send messages from mobile phone operators of Web portals that make it impossible to identify the sender.
      The recipient of a text message must always be able to communicate with the sender of it.
  4. All communication must contain an email address, toll free number or any other mechanism based on the Internet, that is clear and notorious so that the recipient can send, in the way that the message indicates, a response mail or any other means of communication based on the Internet, asking not to receive any more commercial emails from the sender to the mailbox where it was received.
    This mechanism referred to on the previous paragraph must remain active or capable of receiving these messages or communications until at least 30 days since the transmission of the original message. Once the request for removal is received, this must be carried out immediately, if possible, and no later than 5 days since the reception of the request.
  5. The users must agree and fulfill in all aspects, with all the Federal, State and Local laws that apply to the sending of emails or text messages.
  6. The violation of any of the rules before mentioned by a CLIENT involves the automatic cancellation of his/her account, meaning this the loss of all the incomes generated and also, he/she will be prevented from hiring new accounts.
    If you feel you have been spammed, please contact us [email protected]